ETF was established in 1994

  • A pioneer in the Turkish textile sector to produce T-shirts.
  • The sole company in Europe for tubular T-shirt production.
  • Specialized in printing. Producing 8 million T-shirts per year.
  • In-house knitting, cutting, sewing, printing and embroidery facilities.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

ETF’s perspective of corporate Social Responsibility is based on Sustainability.

We believe in innovation, progression, social responsibility and sustainability of our environment. We care for our planet and give support to various social projects.

Being a “Green Company”;

  • 85% of prints are water-based
  • VOC’s aerosoles are avoided
  • Waste water is recycled
  • Azo-free dyes and chemicals are used
  • Working with Oko-Tex (Class-1) certificated dye-houses
  • Applying waste management for paper, plastics, metals, batteries, etc.

We make sure that all of our production processes are realized according to Social Compliance as well as to the Health and Safety requirements and meet global standards.

Human Resources

We believe in team spirit and long term investment in human resources. We provide our employees with additional benefits as well as fulfilling the legal requirements. We have been working with over 35% of our employees for more than 5 years. We create a family atmosphere within our company. We offer career opportunities according to skill, ability and performance.


One of our key targets is the development of our workforce, not only in terms of quality and efficiency but also culturally regarding the values of our company.

After recruitment, new team members are attending an orientation program which helps them in adapting to the company culture quickly.

Also, soft and hard skills training programs are performed to promote the workers’ skills, work efficiency and enhance motivation.

Creating Sense of Belonging

We believe that a positive and effective work environment can be achieved through employee engagement and commitment, which is only possible through creating a corporate culture and sense of belonging. That is why, we organize social activities such as company family picnics, football tournaments and similar activities where we spend quality time together.

Labor Union

We respect our employees’ right of freedom of association and collective bargaining. Our workers are members of the Labor Union. We believe that we are stronger together with our organized workers.