Knitting department has capacity of 5 tons per day, with 16 circular knitting machines.


Dyeing is outsourced. All fabrics are inspected and tested by the dyehouse. All Dyed fabrics are randomly checked by 4 point system. We also perform physical tests in-house.

Proto and production samples are prepared in our sampling room. Sample room also works as a mini-production unit for small quantity orders. Cutting Patterns are prepared digitally.

Cutting department has 30,000 units tubular and 12,000 units side seamed garment capacity per day using two cutting tables, and two automatic tubular cutting machines.

ETF has two embroidery machines, with 100,000 units monthly capacity.

The sleeve and bottom hems of the cut t-shirt pieces and inside back neck heat transfers are made during this process. ETF uses 3 sleeve hem sewing machines, 7 bottom hem sewing machines, 6 heat transfer machines with 6 heads each. The sorting and quality checks are accomplished.

ETF has 16 lean lines in house, we work in two shifts; monthly capacity is 600,000 pieces. Lean lines provide continuous process flow within a single line to include sewing, ironing, quality control and packaging.

Visual displays at the end of lines show the quality and the performance of each line. Two lines are designated for training purposes. Workers who qualify are transferred to the actual production lines.

We have 9 M&R, 1 Chameleon printing machines. Up to 18 colors with a monthly capacity of 1,300,000 pcs graphics. All substance in printing are approved for environmental health. We follow current RSL rules for each country we export to.

We work with companies under confidentiality agreements. All accessories supplied for our customers are protected in a separate warehouse. All labels are either supplied from nominated vendors or produced in-house.

The finished and packed garments from sewing lines are scanned by metal detectors and the goods are boxed in metal free zone.